What You Need
to Know


To improve your access to timely care and comply with new federal guidelines, patient communications regarding your personal health, appointment reminders, and practice updates will be delivered via email and the secure patient portal, PortalConnect (accessed from this website).

All patients are required to register for PortalConnect.

With PortalConnect, you (and your family) will be able to connect with your doctor’s office and have access to your personal health record from anywhere.

PortalConnect makes it easy to:

  • Send and receive secure emails to the doctor and the office staff
  • Make appointments online with the click of a button
  • Receive and access all your lab and test results
  • Manage your medical record with your doctor, including medications, allergies, weight, and vitals
  • Access appointment summaries and treatment plans
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Manage your pharmacy locations

PortalConnect is available for $69/year for one person and $99/year for households that use the same practice.

For as little as $5.75/month, you can easily manage all your health care information.


Please feel free to contact the PortalConnect support team at info@portalconnect.net or 1.866.779.1526

Learn more about PortalConnect and the opportunities to improve patient care: